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Wendi Parker, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 43
Number of years running: 25
Location: Franklin, TN
Occupation: Art Teacher, Outdoor Educator, Soccer & Track Coach

Favorite trail race(s):
Black Warrior 50k

Favorite trails to train on:
I can’t say that I have one trail that I necessarily love more than another. Honestly, I love any trail that I have a positive experience on. The “positive experience” can come in the form unseen energy or simple wildlife running across the trail. It is all about my perspective.

Favorite trail running shoe:
Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Lifelong running goals:
I have a number of life goals and they continue to evolve as I “grow up” , but the current goals I have in sight are to keep running, keep healthy, keep my children happy and healthy and keep striving for personal growth.

I grew up between Texas & Colorado and graduated from Baylor University. Throughout my childhood you could find me backpacking, skiing, playing soccer, running or involved in some outdoor adventure. After spending a variety of adventures with NOLS and with friends, I knew I was meant to “be in” the outdoors. Throughout my life I have also been an artist. The common thread in my art that connects me to the outdoors is actual pieces of nature I find on the trail while running. These become part of my paintings.

I have been an Art Teacher/Outdoor Educator/Coach for various private schools in Nashville, California, Colorado and currently Franklin, TN. I have studied at Parsons School of Design and received my Masters at Maryland College of Arts. I have run most of my life with my father; however, I started running more competitively in about 2007. I have two amazing children, Morgan 11 and Conner 8, which are my biggest fans. They remind me daily of the importance of challenging oneself and to never stop growing.

2012 season summary:
This year has been challenging physically and mentally for me as I have been recovering from 2 knee surgeries and a torn hamstring. Once I was on the mend, I was able to volunteer at this years Rock Creek Stump Jump and then run in the UpChuck 50k. I look forward to what other races and volunteering opportunities are in the horizon for 2013 and beyond.

Proudest running accomplishments:
Black Warrior 2013 – 2nd Overall Female
Savage Gulf Marathon 2013 – 1st Overall Female
3rd Overall Female UpChuck 50k 2012
1st Overall Female Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile 2009
Nevada State Champion 2009
1st Overall Female and Overall Course Record Holder Black Warrior 50k 2009
1st Overall Female Mountain Mist 2009
1st Overall Female/6th Overall LBL Trail Run 60K
2nd Overall Female Flying Monkey Marathon 2008
1st Overall Female Mt. Cheaha 2008
2nd Overall Female Mountain Mist 50k 2007, 2008
1st Overall Female CCC 15k Trail Run 2008
1st Over all Female Two Lakes Trail Run 2008
1st Overall Female Rock Creek Stump Jump 50k 2007
1st Overall Female 11 Mile Stump Jump 2007
5th Overall Female Mountain Mist 50k 2005

Planned races for 2013:
Black Warrior 50k
Rock/Creek River Gorge Race
Scenic City Trail Marathon
Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race
Rock/Creek StumpJump
Upchuck 50k

  • kevin

    I am so impressed with Ms. Parker’s running accomplishments and am closely following her career. Best of luck in 2013 Wendi.