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Third Annual Earth Day Art Contest asks “How can we take care of the earth’s animals?”

Earth Day JPEG.jpgDon’t just be green on Saint Patrick’s Day once a year; learn to be green all year long. 2 North Shore is pleased to announce their Third Annual Earth Day Art Contest. And this year we want to help educate about ways we can all help protect endangered species.
All elementary school aged children from the community are invited to contribute their creativity. Individual children, classes or childcare groups from kindergarten through fifth grade are all invited to participate.
In honor of protecting endangered species, the contest topic this year is:
How can we take care of the earth’s animals?
Children will get to interpret this idea by creative drawings and designs on 100% recycled brown paper shopping bags. Blank bags will be available for pick-up starting, Wednesday, March 17. Each bag must be retuned with a registration form for identification so we can contact the winners. But no information will be put on display or used for any other purpose.
All decorated bags must be returned to Greenlife Grocery by Saturday, April 17.
The judges recommend that students create bold, simple, compelling designs making solid, flat colors by using media such as oil pastels, cray-pas, paint, markers, or metallic crayons.
One grand prizewinner will be chosen and their design will be reproduced for the shopping bags to be used at Greenlife Grocery for an entire year! The grand prizewinner will also receive a $150 gift certificate. In addition, one first prize and one second prizewinner will be chosen from each grade level. Each first prizewinner will receive a $50 gift certificate and each second prizewinner will receive a $25 gift certificate. All winners will have their artwork framed and displayed at Bill Shores Frames and Gallery. Each gift certificate will be redeemable at any of the great shops at 2 North Shore.
And as many bags as possible will be displayed in the windows all over 2 North Shore starting Thursday, April 22 through the end of the festival Saturday, April 24. So you’ll be able to walk all around and see hundreds of fabulous art projects all over 2 North Shore!
Saturday, April 24 at our Earth Day Festival we will have a special awards ceremony where each winner will be recognized and receive their wonderful prizes. All participants are invited to join in the celebration!
After the contest, all the decorated bags will be used for customers shopping at 2 North Shore (so we will not be able to return any art except the winners’).
2 North Shore is located on the north side of the Tennessee River on Manufacturers Road just over the Market Street or Highway 27 bridges from downtown.
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