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Solar panel array and electric vehicle charging stations now operative at 2 North Shore

At long last, as of 10:00 this morning, the solar panel array and EV charging stations at 2 North Shore — our flagship Rock/Creek location in Chattanooga, TN — are active and ready for use!

2 North Shore is the region’s first LEED Gold certified retail center, and Rock/Creek was 2 North Shore’s first tenant. We’ve shared a common vision for sustainability, and are proud to see these ideas come to fruition. Here’s what eCommerce Director Mark McKnight had to say when the LEED certification was first finalized for 2NS in 2009:

“Rock/Creek wants to look back at a practical history of commitment, a legacy of conservation and community development, and we believe that Two North Shore fits in with those principles. It’s built on what used to be an industrial wasteland, and the interventions that have been done actually reduce the property’s environmental impact. We’re collecting rainwater instead of creating more runoff and we’re re-using materials instead of relying on all virgin materials.”

Click here to view the full press release from 2 North Shore!
Click here to view some photos from the press conference.