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Samuel Hammonds, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 39
Number of years running: 11
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Occupation: Engineer

Favorite trail race(s):
Rock/Creek River Gorge, Lookout Mountain 50 Miler

Favorite trails to train on:
Stingers Ridge (home turf), Lookout Mountain

Favorite trail running shoe:

Lifelong running goals:
Run to maintain health and enjoy nature. Encourage others to discover the joy of running. Support events that enable runners to share their passion. Build and maintain trails to provide a safe and sustainable environment for all users.

Originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, I moved to Chattanooga after college and returned to running in 2006 after a long hiatus from High School Cross County. Colleagues were discussing running a 5K and I found myself once again pulled toward running. I was soon training for my first marathon and then found my way to trail running with the Greenway Farm 5 miler. Gradually, I worked my way up to my first 50K with the Black Warrior. I became more engrossed in the trail running community in 2012. Now, much of my free time goes to trail races, group runs, trail work, and serving as a race volunteer.

2012 season summary:
Races – R/C Mountain Stages, Urban Nature, R/C Upchuck, R/C Lookout Mountain
Trail Work – Stringers Ridge Trail Crew Leader, R/C Stump Jump, R/C Lookout Mountain 50m
Other – Pet Placement Center – Facility Maintenance

Mountain Mist 50K
Savage Gulf Marathon (10th) may be the toughest race around
R/C River Gorge (DNF, sprained ankle)
R/C Scenic City Trail Half Marathon
Run with the Dear Flies ~20K (25K cut short due to flooding)
R/C Still Hollow Half Marathon
R/C Stump Jump 50K
Cloud Mountain 100 (3 way tie for 1st)
Duncan Ridge 50K (4th)
Krandyland F.A. 50K
The Pistol 100K (1st)

Proudest running accomplishments:
Trail work on Stringers Ridge that provides miles of running trail close to downtown Chattanooga.
Duncan Ridge 50K with 10,000+ feet of climbing. It is an out and back course and uphill both ways. Must be where my father went to school. Due to global warming there was no snow.

Planned races for 2013:
Mountain Mist 50K
Double Top 100K
Savage Gulf Marathon
R/C River Gorge 10.2
R/C Scenic City Trail Marathon
R/C Mountain Stages
Leadville 100m
R/C Still Hollow Half Marathon
R/C Stump Jump 50K
R/C Upchuck 50K
R/C Lookout Mountain 50m
Other TBD.

  • Arlene Hammonds

    Congratulations on this accomplishment. You are well suited for this organization. Your father and I are very glad for you. Much love Mom