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Rock/Creek’s Summer Clearance Sale Beats the Heat

Considering temperatures this summer in the Southeast have reached such highs as 103 degrees, it seems we could substitute our cars as spare industrial ovens! A friend of mine was cleaning out her closet this spring and offered up a set of silver twist and fold windshield shades. (You know the ones where you sense the pressure to fold them down correctly the first time or you’re seen as an idiot?) I went ahead and accepted the shades with the intention of using them as light reflectors on a photo shoot someday.
From the beginning of my car ownership 6 years ago, I have never considered the benefits of using these shades in their true function when it comes to beating the heat. I remember as a kid, having to shift my weight in the back seat to make way for the bulky “Cool Cats” cardboard shades to be pulled up from under my feet. Now, when I pull into a parking space I do not instantly reach for the shades. I skip that step because I am not fond of being smacked in the face by the seemingly spring loaded oval shapes. (Passenger seat goers beware!)
There has been a recent shift in my thinking though:
Seeing my incubator oven of a car could remain an inkling of a degree cooler with shades, I am now using them to save my legs from second degree burns via the smoldering leather seats; and they will always be handy in my car for impromptu photo shoots.

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