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Rock/Creekers are running in Merrell Barefoot shoes. Are you?

When the Merrell Trail Glove and Merrell Pace Glove first arrived, we looked forward to hearing first impressions from trail runners. As we’ve sold them, we’ve asked for feedback; now that we’ve heard from our runners, that feedback is sounding really positive, across the board!

Rock/Creek Race Team member Nick Selbo and his friend Nick Gooden both ran the 10.2-mile course Rock/Creek River Gorge Trail Race, and both wore the Merrell Trail Glove. Conditions were rainy, cold, and rather messy.

Here is what each had to say about trail running in the Merrell Barefoot men’s Trail Glove:

“I ran 7 miles, a little hard, in these right when I bought them. They felt great. On trails they are perfect. I could feel the gravel a bit, but that’s the way I wanted it. On roads, if you are a heel striker you’re done, but I toe strike and my stride smoothed out while on roads. I just finished the River Gorge 10.2: mud, streams, puddles, rocks, boulders, rain, leaves, sticks, on mostly on single track with a bit on jeep track. The shoe performed perfectly, and I can honestly say my feet feel great right now, just hours later.” — Nick S.

“I bought these shoes the same week as the Rock Creek River Gorge Trail race. I credit my performance to these shoes almost entirely. They performed better than I could have imagined. Although they are certainly not waterproof, they do not seem to get as heavy after soaking and also seem to shed water fairly quickly. They are a great introduction shoe to barefoot running and I could not be more pleased with them.” — Nick G.

In addition, Rock/Creek employee Rachel Tucker started running in the Merrell Pace Glove last week, and here are her thoughts about the shoes:

“A year ago (April 2010), I wrecked my ankle in a climbing fall, which left me timid about going all-out again on the trails. I have worked up some mileage again with a cushioned shoe and felt confident to take my training to the next level. While out on the roads with my Merrell Pace Gloves on day one, I could feel the pull and stretch of my achilles and arch working… I liked how connected I felt to the ground and I simply let my stride fall where it felt natural and comfortable.” — Rachel

Merrell Barefoot shoes are available at Rock/Creek. Have your own barefoot running experience to share with us? “Like” us on Facebook and tell us all about it!