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RockCreek Switches to Wind Power for Earth Day

PrAna’s Natural Power Initiative Replaces Traditional Energy at Rock/Creek Locations
10 April 2006

Chattanooga, TN– In honor of Earth Day this year, Rock/Creek Outfitters ( has partnered with the prAna Natural Power Initiative and is proud to announce that all the power used by Rock/Creek’s retail operations now comes from green-e certified wind power. As the PNPI literature states, “Wind generated power is a clean, renewable source of energy which produces no greenhouse gas emissions or waste products. prAna is an ancient sanskrit word which is often defined as pure energy, vitality of the spirit and most notably breath.” It naturally follows that wind energy would be perfect for such a company, and its retail partners. “Rock/Creek Outfitters is excited to participate in this important program,” said Dawson Wheeler, owner and President of Rock/Creek.

In order to facilitate the switch from traditional power, prAna has committed to purchasing 6 million kilowatt hours of US EPA approved Renewable Energy Certificates or “Green Tags.” Because generating electrical power from wind sources still costs more than the more harmful but cheaper traditional methods, these Green Tags provide a much-needed financial incentive for energy producers. Currently only about 2% of the energy produced in this country comes from renewable sources, so efforts such as the PNPI are important to fuel further program development and foster public awareness of alternative energy sources.

Rock/Creek Outfitters has posted signs at its brick and mortar locations that say “100% of this store’s energy use is offset by certified green-e wind generated power,” and we are spreading this message on our Web sites, and as well. Clark Luckmann, Internet Customer Service Manager, echoed the reaction of many Rock/Creek staff members in saying, “It’s important to me that as a company we reduce our ecological footprint, and this is a great step in that direction.”

For our complete environmental statement, please visit To learn more about prAna’s initiative, visit

About Rock/Creek Outfitters:

Rock/Creek Outfitters is a specialty outdoor retailer with two decades of brick and mortar experience. We are committed to personal and professional leadership in the outdoor industry and the larger community, especially with regard to environmental initiatives. We use outdoor retail as a platform to encourage all people to get outside and become active. We know that in order to make a positive impact on the environment, we need to share our own love of the outdoors with others. For this reason, our sponsorship and environmental efforts are aimed at permanently improving access to the backcountry.

As a critical element of our environmental mission, we sponsor various charitable foundations (The Southeastern Climbers Coalition, The Access Fund, the Cumberland Trail Conference) and host two major outdoor events each year (the StumpJump 50K trail race and the Triple Crown Bouldering Competition). In the last year, we built a parking and camping area at the Tennessee Wall, one of the best sandstone climbing areas in the nation. We also rebuilt a bridge at the Lula Lake Land Trust to restore access to a trail system running along Rock Creek on Lookout Mountain. We remain committed to the Land Trust’s mission to preserve and restore the Rock Creek watershed on Lookout Mountain.

One thought on “RockCreek Switches to Wind Power for Earth Day

  1. I just got an e-mail from Chaco and they have also switched to wind power. Here’s what the email said:
    “There is always more to be done to enhance the world in which we live. For 2006, Chaco has switched to wind generated electricity. We’ve purchased 400-megawatt hours of Green Certificates to match 100% of our yearly electricity usage. Known as ‘Green Tags,’ this initiative reduces Chaco’s carbon dioxide emissions by more than 572,000 pounds; the environmental equivalent of planting 70 acres of trees or taking 54 cars off of the road for one year.
    Chaco’s purchase of Green Tags supports wind farms in Kansas and Eastern Colorado. These facilities have gone through environmental analysis to insure that they don’t conflict with bird migratory paths or nesting grounds. Delivering clean, renewable energy to the power grid, they eliminate the air pollution and greenhouse gases that result from coal or natural gas generated electricity.
    Electricity generation is one of the primary contributors to air pollution and global climate change. Any organization or individual interested in supporting non-polluting, renewable electric resources can purchase Green Tags. For an explanation of how green tags work, go to : To get an idea of your own environmental footprint on this world of ours and explore the options to remedy your impact. And finally, remember we’ve all got to do our part.”

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