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Rock/Creek Race Team Has a Strong Weekend of Results in FL and AL

Race Team Members, Matt Sims, John Wiygul, John O’Brein, and Kevin Boucher traveled to compete in Ironman Florida this weekend. In short: Kevin Boucher came in at 10 hours, followed by John Wiygul in 10:25, John Obrein in 10:47 and Matt Sims in 10:54.

Wiygul had this to say, “The weekend was a blast. It was my second time competing in Ironman Florida. I had a great swim right at one hour. Then got on the bike for a windy ride. I biked a little slower than I wanted, due to poor nutrition. I found it hard to eat when my whole body was numb. I warmed up after about two and a half hours though. The run was slow. I had a great end of the day rally finished in 10:25. Fun day with lots of Chattanooga guys to keep the pressure on.”

Rock/Creek’s second group of runners traveled to Alabama for the 3rd Annual Pinhoti 100 Miler. It was the first 100 mile race for Race Team Member Dreama Campbell. She traveled with fellow Race Team Member, Sal Coll and friend of the Rock/Creek Trail Series, Sarah Woerner.
Dreama briefly recaps her weekend endeavor,
“It was with out a doubt.. the hardest thing I’ve EVER done. Some of the epic moments I can remember off the top of my head were:
Pinhoti 100 9-Running really strong and steady for the first 70 miles
-Freezing to death when temperatures hit 25 degrees (all night and morning)
-Sleep deprivation and hallucinating

It was some of the most technical terrain I’ve ever run on. I was 44th out of 73 finishers; 125 started the race; Finish time was 28:12; 6th overall female.
Also, a big congrats to teammate Sal Coll for finishing the race. He was 24th out of 73 finishers with a time of 25:53.

Good friend and Chattanoogan, Sarah Woerner, took 1st overall female with a time of 24:42 ”

Race Team Member, John Brower competed in the Pinhoti 100 this weekend as well. He finished 9th overall with a time of 21:58. He recaps, “it was tough as nails, but just dug deep, did work, and got it done.”

As you may remember, fellow Race Team members Kris and Randy Whorton ran the innagural Pinhoti back in 2008. Read about their impressions of the rugged trail in their race report from 2008:Race Team Report: Pinhoti 100 Mile Trail Run > . Dreama has promised a kick ass report soon to follow this post. We look forward to hearing her experience from this beast of an endurance run.

Congrats to our Rock/Creek Race Team! Thanks for continually spreading the word about Rock/Creek through your impressive performance!