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Rock/Creek Race Member Gives Tips for Running the StumpJump 50k

Andrew Kornylak is still makin’ it happen with interviews and glimpses into the premiere 50k of the Southeast, the Rock/Creek StumpJump. Here’s a great interview with Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Jaclyn Greenhill, as she casually brings viewers into a runners perspective of the highs and lows of ultra running.
Thanks to Andrew Kornylak for the video and Charles Allison , former R/C employee and now owner of Spanner Sound, for the music! Johnny Pryor’s flexing it up in the opening scene. Plenty of other great runners in this one too!
Continue to check back for updates and other race testimonials coming up on Rock/Creek’s StumpJump 50k Facebook Page >

StumpJump 50K: Jaclyn Greenhill from Rock/Creek on Vimeo.

There is still enough time in 2009 for another trail race!
The Rock/Creek Trail Series finishes off the year with the Rock/Creek Lookout 10k & 100k! But don’t let the threat of drastic weather changes in December stop you! We did some research and the Tennessee Almanac Record High for December was 78 Degrees Fahrenheit and the Record Low was -2 Degree Fahrenheit, so a happy medium between those is highly is possible!
Registration is still open for the Lookout 10k & 100k HERE >