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Rock/Creek & Patagonia Sponsor Sunset Rock Trail Work

Sunset Trail DayRock/Creek and Patagonia recently awarded a grant to the SCC for their ongoing trail work at Sunset Rock up on Lookout Mountain. This is the latest of a series of gifts Rock/Creek and Patagonia have been making for years to maintain access to climbing areas and other backcountry resources. At Rock/Creek, we use outdoor retail as a platform to encourage all people to get outside, become active, and enjoy our open spaces. Our charitable giving underscores this message by driving specific, measurable, and lasting progress towards greater accessibility to the backcountry.
From our friends at the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition:

Rock Creek Outfitters of Chattanooga, TN. and Patagonia have teamed up to award a grant of $1,000.00 to help fund upcoming Sunset Rock trail days. Trail work began in the main climbing area in 1993 and continued steadily through the years to minimiize erosion, replant native vegetation and cut off splinter trails.
In recent years there has been an upsurge of local climbers working to keep Sunset Rock in good shape. Samantha Christen has stepped up to lead the trail day crews and working directly with Sunset rangers Dennis Curry, John Housch, and Rob Turant, along with students from GPS, McCallie School, and Covenant College). Last years’ work included reducing erosion and repairing hot spots at “Jefferson Airplane” and “RJ Gold” as the group added top-soil, native plants and natural sandstone pavers. We greatly appreciate the help of the climbing volunteers and the support of the National Park Service in this effort.

While a large part of our mission is to provide customers with products to keep them safe and comfortable in the outdoors, we at Rock/Creek feel a strong duty to preserve the natural areas where we recreate and reduce our impact on the environment. These issues have always been at the heart of Rock/Creek. We have, therefore, committed ourselves to leadership in the outdoor industry and the larger community, especially with regard to environmental stewardship and improving access for outdoor recreation.
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