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Rock/Creek & Outdoor Chattanooga’s S. Chick Creek Boating Trip Report

Rock/Creek employee and trip co-guide Samantha, shares the groups float experience during the most recent Rock/Creek Kayak Adventure down South Chickamauga Creek to Coolidge Park.
P7080661July 8, 2009-
We all met at Outdoor Chattanooga in Coolidge Park around 6:00 PM and were shuttled to Sterchi Farms, the put in for our 2.5 mile evening paddle down South
Chickamauga Creek. After all working together to unload boats, we grabed PFDs and paddles and stood in the shade for a quick paddle clinic from Minya, with Outdoor Chattanooga.
After mastering the art of kayak paddling, we then moved to the water for tips on getting in and out of the boats – a very ungraceful activity! With only a few minor, on the fly boat
adjustments, everyone was comfortably settled into their boats and on the water headed down stream.
There were several comments throughout the paddle as to the feeling of wilderness in the heart of the city and the surprising lack of visible (albiet audible) signs of human impact. We were gifted with serendipitous sightings of turtles, blue heron, kingfishers and osprey; we even spotted an osprey nest (on top of a cell phone tower, but still…)
Likely the best gift of all, however, was the amazing breeze as we neared the Tennessee River! As the sun began to drop below the horizon, we approached the mouth of South Chick and headed up river to our take out at the Tennessee Riverpark. While enjoying the sunset, we loaded all the boats and gear, piled back into the van and headed back to Outdoor Chattanooga to make our way to our respective homes.
Thank you to everyone for a fantastic evening on the water. I hope you all had as relaxing of an evening as I did, and we look forward to sharing the waterways of our city
with you again soon!