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Rock/Creek Lookout 50miler & 10k Results & Photos

We’ll have a full race report up tomorrow, but we wanted to announce that final results have been posted and we have photos available from this past weekend’s Lookout Mountain 50 miler & 10k trail race, presented by Vasque Project & Rock/Creek. If you haven’t already heard, we had to cut the course short due to the severe weather, and we ended up changing the proposed 100k to a 50 miler. Wind, rain, and occasional sleet couldn’t stop the 65 finishers in the 50 mile race [click here for Lookout Mountain 50 miler results].
With 172 people finishing this year, the 10k proved to be a great course. See the results for the Lookout Mountain 10k here.
See photos from Moncrief Photography for the 10k and McKnight Photography for the 100k.