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Rock/Creek & Greenlife present a River Conservation Night at the IMAX Center, July 17th

Grand Canyon posterRock/Creek and Greenlife is proud to present a special private viewing of the IMAX film, Grand Canyon Adventure 3D, River at Risk. The event is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th. Proceeds from the night will benefit the Tennessee Aquarium’s conservation programs. In addition to full admission film, tickets include complementary Atlanta brewed Sweetwater Beer and hors d’oeuvres from local grocer Greenlife. The event begins at 6:30 with a welcome reception in the IMAX Theater’s lobby . The theater is located at 201 Chestnut Street. The private showing of the 3D film will follow the reception. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Rock/Creek’s North Shore location and at neighboring Greenlife Grocery. Both are located in the Two North Shore shopping plaza on Manufacturers Road.
The spectacular film, Grand Canyon Adventure 3D, is featured worldwide in select IMAX 3D Theaters and is produced by Macgillivray Freeman, the world’s largest distributer of giant screen films. The film showcases the stunning aerials and unique action sequences that millions of Freeman followers have come to adore. Like other Freeman Films, Grand Canyon Adventure pulls the viewer into the heart of one of the world’s richest and most awe inspiring ecosystems. For this particular film, the viewer is introduced to some of the perils that face the Earth’s most fragile life support system, its great rivers.

Once one of the world’s mightiest rivers, the Colorado is currently under threat of overdevelopment and unsustainable resource use. Today agriculture and development intercept the the river before its natural journey to the Gulf of California is complete. The once expansive Colorado River Delta is now only a trickle and supports but a fraction of the diverse plant and animal species it once did. Grand Canyon Adventure follows environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., anthropologist and author Wade Davis, and their two daughters as they navigate the waters of the Colorado River through the 277 mile long Grand Canyon. The goal: to bring awareness to the treats that the Colorado River, and many of the world’s other rivers, face. In addition to the visual and auditory thrills that viewers have come to expect from IMAX films, audiences will learn how they can help threated rivers through conservation and restoration projects. With impassioned narration by Robert Redford and music by multi-Grammy Award winning Dave Mathews Band, the film promises to stimulate the environmental fervor within outdoor recreational users, conservationists and film fanatics of all types.
This special event is a unique opportunity for Chattanoogan residents to simultaneously support both the Tennessee and Colorado Rivers. Area residents are well familiar with the value of protecting the life sustaining capabilities of America’s grandest rivers. News stories, such as Atlanta’s drought and current water crisis, highlight this fact. In addition to its role as a major attraction for both Chattanoogan residents and visiting tourists, the Tennessee Aquarium serves as one of the region’s most effective education and conservation based organizations. For more information on the efforts of the aquarium and how you can get involved locally, check out the Tennessee Aquarium online.
Rock/Creek and Greenlife’s private event is scheduled for one night only; don’t miss this chance to support the majestic rivers that make your life, and the life of all other species on this planet, possible. Tickets are limited, so be sure to stop by Rock/Creek or Greenlife to guarantee your entry into the film today.