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Rock/Creek & Five Ten’s Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest Winner


Straight from Alaska, with an undoubted heart for adventures off the leash and lazy naps by the climbing crag, Rock/Creek introduces the winner of the Five Ten Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest- Henry- He is a mixture of breeds to achieve his Alaskan Husky purpose of endurance racing and running.
For Rock/Creek, our hearts were warmed by the touching story of this Alaskan champion whose life unexpectedly passed away during the time frame of this photo contest. We felt it suitable to introduce Henry and share the touching story from owner and contest winner, Ashley McComb, on their destiny and friendship.

[Interview between Rachel from R/C and Ashley McComb- 8/6/10]
McComb, retrieved Henry from her friend and renowned Alaskan dog trainer, Ryan Reddington after her summer working as a dog sled musher on Norris Glacier outside of Janeau, AK.
She shares” The first time he [Henry] came to the glacier I immediately knew he was different. He wasn’t like the rest of his working friends. He was calm, a little timid, and just an all around sweet dog. I told my friend at the end of my first summer in Alaska that if they ever want to get rid of Henry, I would fly up from Texas to get him. This was in 2004. In 2006, my last summer on the glacier, my friend Ryan said ‘Look-we really love Henry, but we can’t afford to keep him. He doesn’t work for us. So, if you want him you can have him.’
I said, ‘Done!’ ”
Henry_Alaska_n8321481_2417375_7338As a pup, Henry may have been too temperate about mushing compared to his zealous dog sled teammates, however, he paralleled McComb’s desire for companionship and devotion; thus beginning their strong human-dog bond.
“In 2006, Henry made the long trek from a little bitty town in Alaska to Texas. No sooner did I get home did I realize everyone was going to see what I saw in this dog. A sweet, loving, very lazy dog who sole ambition in life was to always be around the people he loved the most.
And the rest is kind of history. He’s been everywhere with me. He never really played any games or did any tricks, but he absolutely LOVED hiking and loved being at the crag with us climbing. He was just an all around great dog. One of a kind. One that will be sorely missed.”
When asked how she felt about being chosen as the winner for the Five Ten Dog Days of Summer Photo Contest, McComb replies,
” I feel like it’s the perfect way to celebrate his memory. That picture absolutely embodies him in a nutshell…sleeping outside next to the people he loved. He always knew how to look adorable.”
[Thank you for the time to share Henry’s memory. We are sorry for the loss. ~Rachel]

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