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Rock/Creek Employee Honeymoons on the Appalachian Trail

tent.JPGAsk any Rock/Creek employee what their top reasons are for working at Rock/Creek and it is likely that they will mention the flexible scheduling that allows us to take extended backcounty and trips abroad. The owners and managers not only permit us to take these trips, they also highly encourage it. How else are we to gather an intimate knowledge and understanding of the gear we sell? This also helps to keep the job exciting and reminds us why we entered this industry in the first place.
Currently Rock/Creek has a valued employee through hiking the Appalachian Trail. But Jessica is not out there alone, rather she is experiencing nature and the people of the Appalachians with her new husband, in celebration of their recent marriage. A week in the Bahamas simply wasn’t enough for the adventurous two. The couple has documented their honeymoon on their blog site On the site they are keeping a comprehensive trip report including pictures and videos from the trip. Don’t be mistaken, its not all miles and miles of trees and brush. Jessica and Andrew have come across some interesting people, including a spirited bluegrass band in Monson, ME, staged at the local General Store.
We all would like to wish Mr. and Ms. Gates a safe and adventurous journey, both on the trail and in marriage.
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