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Rock/Creek sees Expedition Y team off at the start of their 15,000 mile odyssey

This afternoon, Rock/Creek Race Team runner Fynn Glover – along with his brother Ry Glover and colleague Russell Himelein – drove out of the parking lot of Rock/Creek’s 2 North Shore location and set forth on their epic “Expedition Y” adventure.

Over the next fifteen weeks the Expedition Y team will travel 15,000 miles, visiting national parks and universities around the country, trail running and interviewing college students or recent graduates. Throughout, they’ll be trying to answer a series of questions. Outdoor enthusiasts are often deeply committed to their particular sport, but does this commitment produce leadership qualities? Does a ten-mile trail run make a person more self-reliant, focused, driven, healthy, or confident? The world is changing; is Generation Y ready?

In a video interview on YouTube, Fynn talks about the project:

“It would be a real tragedy if, 20 years from now, we didn’t have anybody running on these trails. (But) that’s going to be Generation Y, when they’re 40 years old. Are they going to be out here? We don’t know …. They’re going to be our leaders, as well, so is environmental conservation going to be relevant to them if they don’t have an appreciation for what we’ve already got?”

Dawson Wheeler, co-owner of Rock/Creek, expands:

“We believe that focused outdoor experiences, which require training and planning, play a vital role in Generation Y’s future. We also believe that these experiences can be translated into their business lives, political lives and economic thinking. For example, how can a long-distance hiker or 50k runner apply experiential learning from these endeavors to daily life, in the context of goal-setting, follow-through and a better understanding of our natural resources? Fynn wants to learn how to inspire the next generation to inspire themselves, and Rock/Creek is excited to be a part of it.”

Rock/Creek is a proud sponsor of Expedition Y. We have provided the project with a complement of gear for their trip: Marmot Limelight 2P tents and Marmot Trestles 30 sleeping bags, Patagonia Capilene 1 silkweight t-shirts, Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus bottles, and a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

In addition, we have dedicated our staff writer and photography resources to help spread the word. Fynn and crew will be checking in with us frequently throughout their journey and sharing findings and experiences from the campuses, parking lots, backcountry sites and trailheads they visit.

They’ll be producing a documentary film of this massive undertaking, serving as ambassadors of Chattanooga’s unique wilderness opportunities, and running the great trails of America everywhere they go. Visit Expedition Y’s website at to learn more about the Expedition Y project and team.


About Expedition Y: The objective of Expedition Y is twofold. First, it is a study of Generation Y’s leadership potential in the United States. As the future stewards of our country, in a world whose peoples and nations are inextricably connected, to what extent are we resolved to build solutions for the planet’s most pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges? Second, it is an assessment of the degree to which experiential, wilderness education impacts a person’s productivity in everyday life. To what extent does a Generation Y-er ‘s interaction with the wilderness influence their own self-reliance, judgment, respect, responsibility, and productivity?

Expedition Y intends to discover answers to these two foundational questions. In doing so, we hope to provide quantifiable information, useful to both Generation Y and the Outdoor Retail Industry, that ultimately helps to increase Generation Y’s interaction with America’s awe-inspiring wild places. Through an improved generational understanding of American wildernesses, we believe that we will be better equipped to adequately address core challenges ahead.


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