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Rock/Creek Race Team member Roxanne Zobava’s race report from the Double Top 100k

Roxanne Zobava wrote this race report for us. Thanks, Roxanne, and great finish in a very long run!

Double Top 100k – March 3rd 2012

I was excited to run a 100k because I haven’t run that distance in a race since 2007. I had come out to run a training run before the race so I knew I would like the course. It was a beautiful out-and-back, and very runnable!

The night before the race there was hard downpour of rain, with hail and some tornadoes in the area. I traveled to the race with 2 friends, all the while fearing they might cancel the race. However, we got lucky! Perfect morning weather, about 35 and clear skies. There were a few more trees down on the course, but the trails and jeep road were great.

The feel of the morning was like most chill ultra marathons: very low-key. I had run the first 10 miles on training run, so I already knew what to look for as far as flagging and which way to turn at the different trail junctions and crossings. From about mile 5-11 there were 8 creek crossings! I thought that, after the all-nighter of rain, the crossings would be up to my waist… but the deepest one was only up to my knees.

After aid station # 2 (about mile 11), we ran on some amazing single track. Not too much elevation change. Afterward, we followed a jeep road for a couple of miles, returning to a trail in time to the Double Top aid station at mile 19 or so. From there, a HUGE climb started on a jeep road. We gained about 3,000 feet over the course of 4 miles! 20 miles into the race, though, the climb didn’t seem too bad.

Finally, we reached the top of Pinhoti and turned around. My steam did run a little low for the last half. I got a bad blister and some bad bruising on my feet. Luckily, I’d put some extra shoes in my drop bag, so I could not wait to get to them! Drop was at Double Top aid station. I changed my shoes and my feet were definitely happier.

The weather was holding up, and it was a perfect day to be on the trails with old and new friends. The course wasn’t marked with very many course markers, but before the race we were given a map, and I think you have to be up for an adventure and be aware in a trail race! With less than a mile to go, it was dark and I was just about 14hrs in. I was tired and hungry for real food… and I made a wrong turn. YEA for me!! Bonus miles…

I found my way back without getting to far off track, but dropped from 8th overall to 10th overall and that’s where I finished: 2nd female, 10th overall.