Trekking Poles

We have a great selection of the most popular Trekking Poles and Hiking Staffs to choose from. Lots of folks are catching on to the benefits of trekking poles. You use them for skiing and snowshoeing, why not use them while hiking, backpacking and mountaineering? Hiking sticks and trekking poles not only increase safety by helping you keep your balance and maintain a secure footing, but they also greatly reduce the stress on your knees and thighs. Trekking poles also greatly improve endurance and help relieve tension in your back muscles and reduce stress to your spine allowing to you hike longer and more comfortably.    When hiking, your legs are carrying most of your weight. The purpose of trekking poles is to distribute some of that weight to your arms. In turn, this alleviates some of the pressure on your knees and strain on your legs as a whole as well as you spine. Today’s trekking poles are designed to free your legs from having to do all of the work. The use of trekking poles allow you to go from being a two legged animal to a four legged hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing machine.