Water Filters

Proper hydration is paramount. If your body is in motion, then you need to make sure that you are hydrated. Water is essential to the human body. 60-70% of our body mass is water, up to 90% of our brain mass is water, and up to 75% of muscle tissue is comprised of water. Water is also the main component of blood – the important carrier of glucose, oxygen and other nutrients. In general, your body loses 64-80 ounces of water daily. This water needs to be replaced by daily fluid consumption of 64-80 ounces.  Finding clean, purified water can always be a problem out in the backcountry. Never drink water straight out of a stream, lake or pond. Micro organisms can easily be mixed into your drinking water and cause serous stomach distress or possibly even death. To avoid these potentially life-threatening aliments always treat your water. Check out our Water Treatment category for water filters and pumps, purification tablets, and the new SteriPEN which uses ultraviolet light to quickly purify water.