Stoves & Cookware

Once upon a time, human-kind discovered fire, and then we’ve been obsessed ever since. Keep your food hot and your path lit with Rock/Creek’s selection of stoves and lanterns.  Depending on where you’re headed, resources available there, and how many people you will be cooking for, Rock/Creek has several different stoves for you. Canister stoves like, the MSR Pocket Rocket, are easy to use, convenient to carry and great for 1-2 person weekend trips. The downfall, however, is that the canisters have to be thrown out (according to instruction printed) when they are empty. Canisters cannot be refilled. Pump Stoves, however, like the MSR Wisperlite, have a reusable gas canister. The Wisperlite is a great example of a stove that can cook on several heating settings for as many people as you have carried gas for.  This stove is often the choice for extended backcountry expeditions as it is easy to fix in the field.  The last type of stove Rock/Creek offers is the stove system with integrating parts.  The stand out player in this category is the uber efficient, wind protected, speedy MSR Reactor. The downfalls, however, are price and lack of flexibility meal options. You must cook with an accessory that fits the stove base.  If you have any questions about these award winning stoves from MSR, Jetboil and Snowpeak, don’t hesitate to call our gear experts at 888-707-6708.