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Nick Lewis, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 27
Number of years running: 15
Location: Memphis, TN
Occupation: Manager/Buyer at Breakaway Running

Favorite trail race(s): Hmmmm…definitely 3 Days of Syllamo (50k Fri / 50mi Sat / 20k Sunday). I could barely walk for a few days after that one.

Favorite trails to train on:
I would have to say the compilation of Toothpick/Catwalk up to Four Corners in Ashland, Oregon. In a strange way I miss that 2.75 mile slice of heaven that gained ~1,300ft in elevation. Not the most relaxing way to start a run, but it was always fun to hammer it coming back down after a long run around the watershed.

Favorite trail running shoe(s):
At the moment, the New Balance 110 or the Brooks PureGrit. There is also a North Face shoe I have been very happy with that is coming down the pipeline (Fall ’13) that will be rock-solid.

Lifelong running goals:
That is tough…in all honesty, to be able to run until the day I die. Sounds pretty straightforward, but almost daily I have someone walk in the running shop I work at that is experiencing an injury or setback of some sort. To avoid anything major and be able to run most/all of the rest of my life would keep me sane.

Running has been a very defining and integral part of my life. I started running competitively at the age of 12 when it dawned on me that I do not possess the physical stature of the guys playing football (or at least I have yet to see anyone older than 10 that is only 5’2” and 110lbs play football). I ran through high school and college and, literally by accident, fell in love with trail/ultra running. Along the way, I have formed innumerable relationships with people I would now consider family.

2012 season summary:
2013 for me is going to be about consistency. 2012 was inconsistent early on, then I started working with Ian Torrence – a coach for McMillan and things really seemed to click. 2012 was a very Arkansas-centric year for me. To kick it off, I ran the SwampStomper 50k in Memphis (1st-4:10), before heading over for the Sylamore 50k (3rd-4:04), then went back to 3 Days of Syllamo to defend my win there in 2011(50k-50mi-20k), before heading on to break my course records at the Ouachita 50mile (7:06) and finally the Full Moon Midnight 50k (3:43).

Finally moving on out of the Natural State, I headed up to Michigan for the Marquette 50 miler while on vacation (1st – 7:16) and then finally Missouri in November for the Ozark 100. Mid-race, however, I ended up pretty badly injured after trying to run on a rolled ankle for 35 miles and I had to take a bunch of downtime. That said, my first race of 2013 will not be until May (Scenic City Trail Marathon). Then, depending on whether the lottery gods are kind, I hope to get into the Wasatch Front 100 in September and build the rest of my 2013 schedule around that. Who knows – maybe Utah in September and the Marin Headlands in December for the North Face 50 championships.

Proudest running accomplishments:
Finishing 2nd in my first 100 – Leadville – in 2009 and leading my college cross country team to our school’s first NCAA DIII regional win. Both were electric.

Planned 2013 races:
Scenic City Trail Marathon, hopefully Wasatch 100, then either Stumpjump/Lookout Mountain 50 mile or North Face 50 in California. A lot is going to be dictated by whether I get into Wasatch or not.

Previous ultras & results:
2009 Sylamore 50k – 4:29 – 3rd Overall
2009 Ouachita 50 mile – 8:11 – 1st Overall
2009 Midnight 50k – 3:47 – 1st Overall
2009 Leadville 100 – 17:44:26 – 2nd Overall
2009 Lithia Loop Trail Marathon (USATF Championship) – 3:00 – 7th Overall
2010 Sylamore 50k – 3:55 – 2nd Overall
2010 Jemez Mountain Trail 50mi – 6:28 ***dropped to 50k w/hamstring injury***
2010 Leona Divide 50 mile – 6:56 – 3rd Overall
2010 Marquette Trail 50 mile – 6:53 – 1st Overall
2011 3 Days of Syllamo – (50k/50mile/20k) 14:16:06 total – 1st Overall
2011 Ouachita 50 mile – 7:26 – 1st Overall
2011 Lookout Mountain 50 miler (7:42) – 3rd Overall
2012 Swampstomper 50k (4:10) – 1st Overall
2012 Swampstomper 50k (4:10) – 1st Overall (new CR)
2012 Sylamore 50k (4:04) – 3rd Overall
2012 3 Days of Syllamo (50k-50mi-20k) – 1st Overall
2012 Ouachita 50 mile (7:06) – 1st Overall (new CR)
2012 Full Moon Midnight 50k (3:43) – 1st Overall (new CR)
2012 Marquette Trail 50mile (7:16) – 1st Overall (new CR)

  • hey nick you’ll have to the the Pictured Rocks 43 mile trail race on your calendar