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John Anderson, Rock/Creek Race Team

Name: John Anderson

Age: 38 

Occupation: Emergency Room Doctor

Years Running: 25

Why do you run?
I didn’t really have a reason when I started except to hang out with my buddies growing up, but thinking back on it, running continues to take my mind and body to some incredible places.

Favorite Places to Run:
Italian alps, San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Prentice Cooper

Tips for new runners?
Try to let go of distractions and immerse yourself in the experience and simple act of running.

Favorite achievement?
1st American at the 2016 Tor des Geants 330km and the full on hallucinations I had over the course of 100 hours with only a few hours of sleep

Toughest moment during a run/race?  
Hardrock 100 in 2010, a race in which I dropped from 2nd place at 60 miles to 12th place at the finish and was unable to take in any liquids or solids for miles 60-90. I thought about dropping out a lot but learned that keeping moving when you’re beat down is sometimes more satisfying that winning. 

Goals for 2017?

Zane Grey 50 mile

San Diego 100 mile

Never Summer 100km

Tor des Geants 330km or Bigfoot 200 mile

Pirinenc Els 2900 

Upchuck 50km

Farthest Projectile Vomiting?
2007 Hardrock 100