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Guest Writer- Whitney Boland- “Deep Creek, Make a Pledge”

Whitney Boland has been a friend of Rock/Creek for nearly two years. We love her- simply stated.

In her article below, she breaks down the facts about Deep Creek’s future and the SCC’s pledge drive. Climbing access and preservation is solely up to us to establish for our future generations and here is your opportunity to get involved.
~Rachel at Rock/Creek

Deep Creek is yet another one of the South’s best kept secrets and recently Cody Averbeck was at the lead of a new purchase to acquire property that provides legal ten-minute access to the crag. Located on the Cumberland Trail, the Cumberland Trail Park Service and local climbers met an agreement about climbing use of the cliff line in this area which extends along the Cumberland Trail. The routes are long, pumpy and feel like a combination of the rock style of the New River Gorge and the Obed. Perfectly sloped holds, long moves, sandbagged grades: this is the new “land of the 5.12” stacked with five-star routes, and more are still going up at all grades.

Through the agreement of these climbers and the Park Service, climbers are legally allowed to climb on the property, however the access had always been a bigger issue with the two-hour approach on the Cumberland Trail. This new land purchase backs up to a stone’s throw from the cliff line decreasing the hike and providing even more area fertile with opportunity for other use, which Averbeck and partners are eager to get started. A portion of the property is slated to become a campground and community hang, one of Chattanooga’s first, and not a moment too late. With the increase in climbers and climbing areas in this hot Southern climbing destination, Chattanooga had practically been out begging in the streets for one. This, along with the new hostel, The Crash Pad, will be two new additions to Chattanooga that will address the need.

The total amount required for the full purchase runs roughly around $25,000 and the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition (SCC) along with efforts local climbers have already raised nearly 60 percent, which comes out to around $15,000. This fundraising effort was highlighted in the Access Fund’s January Beta Newsletter.

Want to do something to help? Check out the SCC Web site and make a pledge.

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