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Founder of the Mount Everest Emergency Clinic to speak in Chattanooga October 6

Luanne Freer, MD will address a public audience on her personal and professional expedition – setting up and running the world’s highest hospital at the Mount Everest Base Camp – on October 6 at 7:00 PM at the Convention & Trade Center.

This presentation is part of the Southeast Wilderness Medicine Conference hosted by RiverRocks and the UT College of Medicine. A $10 entrance fee will be charged at the door, with half of the proceeds benefitting Everest ER.

Dr. Freer will share her fascinating story of what it’s like to provide medical care in one of the world’s coldest and most austere environments, and how sometimes competitive human nature can cause more accidents than the mountain. At 17,600 ft. above sea level, set against the backdrop of the world’s most imposing mountains, Freer faces enormous challenges operating her medical clinic on Mt Everest.

High altitude medical emergencies, logistically difficult helicopter evacuations, sudden violent storms, language disparities and personal discomfort are but a few of the obstacles encountered in running the first and only emergency room on the world’s highest mountain.

After a seemingly random invitation to join a medical volunteer mission to Nepal in 1999, Freer was moved by what she described as the most gentle and inspiring people she had ever met as well as to the astounding need evident in their culture. She opened the Everest ER clinic in 2003, where hundreds of patients are now treated for maladies ranging from gastrointestinal illnesses to frostbite and deadly high altitude illnesses. According to Freer, “Not only was our clinic a convenience for many, but many expeditions recognized it was cost effective as well as comforting to be treated by altitude-experienced physicians who were well-acquainted with the health system and challenges in Nepal.”

The American College of Emergency Physicians has recognized Luanne Freer, MD, as a “Hero of Emergency Medicine,” a distinction recognizing emergency physicians who have made significant contributions to emergency medicine, their communities and their patients.

Through her stunning photography and video of her clinic in action, audiences can follow her colorful journey from Yellowstone to the Himalayas and her Everest clinic as Dr. Freer demonstrates how to define a personal passion, develop a partnership between profession and passion, and show how that process can keep anyone in any profession happy, stimulated and productive.

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