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Elizabeth Callaway, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 25
Number of years running: 11
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Student at Mercer University, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program ‘14

Favorite trail race(s):
Stump Jump 11miler, Xterra Thrills in the Hills Half, Black Mountain Rock to Rock 10k

Favorite trails to train on:
Cochran Shoals/ Sope creek in Atlanta, Pinhoti Trail in North Georgia, anything in the Smoky Mountains, trails at Stone Mountain State Park

Favorite trail running shoe(s):
Montrail Bajada

Lifelong running goals:
Run Rim to Rim to Rim, go for the speed record on the AT, run the Boston Marathon (so that it can be my last road race)

I am currently a student of Mercer University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program with only 1 semester of school and 3 more rotations until completion. I love many outdoor activities including kayaking, mountain biking, road cycling, climbing and just being on the trails. I enjoy spending my free time from studying by backpacking in the Smokies with my caring boyfriend Hunter.

2012 season summary:
Dirty Spokes Thrill in the Hills ½ Marathon: 5th place female and 1st place age
GUTS Double Top 4 hours: 1st place female, 2nd place overall
RockCreek River Gorge 10.2: 3rd place female
RockCreek Scenic City ½ Marathon: 4th place female
Mountain Goat Sutalee 10mile: 5th place female and 1st place age
Yeti 15k: 1st place female (volunteered at finish line)
RockCreek Stump Jump 11miler: 2nd female (volunteered at finish line)
Xterra Battle at Big Creek 10miler: 2nd female
Duncan Ridge 30k: 4th place female

Proudest running acomplishments:
Being Queen of the Mountain at Mount Mitchell Challenge, even though finishing 2nd overall. This race was very mental, but making it to the top of the highest peak east of the Mississippi was a huge accomplishment.

My first trail race ever, Thrill in the Hills, was just a way to start my love for trail running with 4th overall for women and 1st in age bracket. The trails were slick and muddy with constant rain 4 hours prior to the race and even during the race. I brought along a friend I trained, and she finished her first trail race too! Being able to push a dear friend toward such an achievement was another accomplishment that makes me so thankful.

Planned races for 2012:
SweetH20 Half Marathon
Yeti Ultrarunners Beer Mile
Georgia Yeti Nightmare 10 mile
Battle of Allatoona Creek 8 mile
Sutalee Trail 10 mile
Georgia Deep South 15k
Rope Mill Half Marathon
Telluride Mountain Run –Colorado
Yeti 15k
Stump Jump 11 mile
Duncan Ridge 30k