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Chattanooga climbers recommend their favorite Five Ten climbing shoes

Here at Rock/Creek, it’s no surprise that Five Ten is one of our favorite brands. From climbing shoes and approach shoes to mountain biking footwear and casual styles — though is a shoe ever really “casual” if it’s wrapped in Five Ten sticky rubber?!? — we wear ’em constantly. When it comes to rock climbing and bouldering, though, there are so many climbing shoe options it can be tough to know where to start.

What if you’re climbing in the Chattanooga area — what climbing shoe is best for southeast sandstone? Well, no better way to find out than to ask. We polled four local rock climbers, all staffers or friends of Rock/Creek, about which Five Tens they climb in the most; and here’s what they said!


Todd Clark, Five Ten Blackwing

I’m climbing in the updated version of the Five Ten Blackwing, and love it. The heel has morphed into, essentially, a Dragon heel — no little patch of fabric anymore, and maybe a hair thinner. This is really a velcro Dragon, all the power and feel with easier on/off.

The fabric on top is now a solid fabric instead of the pinstripes that tended to peel up, and the rubber on the front of the shoe comes up slightly higher to protect those toe knuckles on the ever-important toe hook. Plus, Five Ten sticky rubber… what more can I say? It’s the best.

Chad Wykle, Five Ten Anasazi VCS

The Anasazi velcro is a fantastic all-around performer, and it’s as reliable as climbing shoes come. For starters, the Anasazi is easy to slip on and off with an excellent closure that ensures a glove-like fit. It earns an ‘A’ in edging on technical faces and ‘smedging’ on-less-than vertical terrain.

But it’s equally at home on steep routes, with a toe box that enhances power over the big toe. Heel hooks are also very secure. It’s one of the most versatile climbing shoes on the market. Editor’s Note: it’s also the best-selling climbing shoe on… ~JB

Chloe Krueger, Five Ten Anasazi LV

I own four pairs of 5.10 Women’s Anasazi LV’s – all of which have been resoled, most of them multiple times. Why?? Because they perform well for everything – bouldering, sport, trad, multi-pitch. They are the perfect balance of comfort and performance.

I wear my size 7.5’s for sport climbing and bouldering and size 8’s for trad, multi-pitch, and climbing in the winter… with socks! Five Ten is my favorite climbing shoe brand for the incredible fit; besides, you cannot beat the super-sticky Five Ten stealth rubber!

John Dorough, Five Ten Moccasym

The Moc is an easy on/off slipper that’s super comfortable, but definitely up to the challenge for multiple climbing disciplines. The upper is unlined leather, so make sure you size down to account for stretch, but you end up with a custom fit that works great for all-day projects.

Whether you’re tackling long crack pitches or cranking out steep boulder problems, this shoe is built to perform. I can’t tell you how many people buy these as a “comfy” shoe or “gym” shoe and then end up using them all the time. It belongs in the arsenal of every climber!!

We run some pretty cool Five Ten promotions throughout the year at Rock/Creek, including our popular “5.10 Days of May” sale and “Dog Days of Summer” sales. Shop Five Ten here!