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How to Build Your Family Camping Kit

After a long work week, it may seem like there’s not enough daylight to go on a last-minute camping trip with family and friends. After collecting all the little things, from your sleeping gear to toilet paper, it could be well into the night before you actually get to the great outdoors.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here at Rock/Creek, we’re in the business of getting people outdoors, and getting outdoors ourselves. Trail runner, climber, and co-owner Chad Wykle shares some great organizational tricks to get you and everyone with you ready to roll into camping season at a moment’s notice. Take a look:

Build You Family Camping Kit

How to Build your Kit

Are you ready to get your kit together? Here’s our checklist, complete with suggested goods:

  1. Gather your sleeping essentials to one place:
  2. Assemble your cooking bin. It may look a little like this:
  3. Collect your “little” items, things like:
  4. Keep your checklist in mind on the way out of town:
    • Firewood
    • Food/drinks

Our staff is ready to get you set up with the items that fit your adventures best, so come in to any of our locations for a custom assessment. Check out our blog for some great places to start camping.

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