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Brian Costilow, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 38
Number of years running: 16
Location: Signal Mountain, TN
Occupation: Stay-at-home Dad

Favorite trail race(s):
Leadville 100, Bighorn 50, Oak Mountain 50k, Lookout Mountain 50 (a new favorite) to name a few

Favorite trails to train on:
Not too particular, prefer single track and going uphill(!?)

Favorite trail running shoe:
Any with a 3-6mm drop.

Lifelong running goals:
1) To keep it simple and always have fun just running in the woods/mountains 2) 10 consecutive Leadville 100 finishes 3) complete an ultra in all 50 states

I was born in Mississippi, raised in Alabama (Roll Tide!), and educated in Tennessee (Sewanee, Vanderbilt). I grew up and played competitive soccer through college. I never “ran” until my early twenties, and even then it was to cross train for climbing trips. I did my first 50k in 2001 and have not looked back since! Moved back south after living in Leadville, Colorado for 7 years. Have two sons/future ultra runners, Gabriel (6) and Nico (3).

2012 Season Summary:
Finished second (only because I like to pretend I’m lost when i’m not) at the inaugural Savage Gulf Marathon…easily the hardest trail marathon east of the Mississippi, if not in the country. It’s awesome!!

Suffered and finished at the Jewel 100k. Um, yeah…sorry, but bulldozers and
trail-running don’t go together.

Suffered and finished at the Leadville 100…8th consecutive finish!…And met Axl Rose…in the form of a llama…while doing Hope Pass solo!

Narrowly missed out on the overall R/C Race Series by .00001 of a point to some clean-shaven lumberjack dude.

Finished 3rd at the StumpJump 50k…I absolutely love running in my backyard..
(and no one ever gets lost in their backyard!)

5th place at Upchuck…pristine single track through some of the Cumberland’s finest…and that includes the local buck-toothed in-bred denizens…shout-out, Ray Jay! Whoop! Whoop!

7th place at the Lookout Mountain 50…BEST COURSE EVER!…but what else is to be expected…as Randy runs the entire course the night before with a hybrid/bio-diesel leaf blower strapped to his back…in blue tights and a red cape!

…and also of note…I, with the help of Rock/Creek and the Race Series, successfully converted one road-running 10k pavement ‘princess’ into a
root-crushing, stump-chewing ultra-running trail demon…

Proudest running accomplishments:
Trying hard not to wax philosophic here… I am proud to keep my enjoyment of running trails simple and fun. There is no room for ego in ultrarunning. I like to push myself—especially with 100 milers—in which you get to experience the emotions of a lifetime in a day…and that takes mental fortitude. That being said, in ten years, I have yet to DNF an ultra…all of which helps raise two young boys!

2013 planned races:
Black Warrior 50k, Oak Mountain 50k, Savage Gulf Marathon, Rock/Creek Race Series, Leadville 100 (9th), and hopefully, either the Georgia Jewel 100 or the Pinhoti 100