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Andy Anderson, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 36
Number of years running: 23
Location: Truckee, CA
Occupation: Climbing Ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park (summer) / Avalanche Forecaster in Sierra Avalanche Center (winter)

Click here for an interview with Andy about breaking the Long’s Peak FKT (again) and the Grand Teton FKT in the same season!

Favorite trail race(s):
Stumpjump 50k, Zane Grey 50m, Muir Woods Marathon

Favorite trails to train on:
Wildwood Trail in Portland, OR – Mesa Trail in Boulder, CO – Mabbit Springs to Little Falling Water, Chattanooga, TN – Peavine single track in Reno, NV – Lumpy Ridge Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO – Tahoe Rim Trail, Tahoe CA – Dolomites Single Track and Via Ferratas, Italy

Favorite trail running shoe(s):
Scarpa Epic

Lifelong running goals:
I have two main running goals:
Train enough to be faster than my best friend Jeff.
Train enough to be faster than my little brother John.
Really it is just to keep running as long as I can.

I started running in 7th grade and ran competitively in high school and college. Running has been a cornerstone of my life ever since. Once I take that first step in a run the demons of the world fall away. Only the pounding of my heart, the rhythm of my breathing, my legs swinging through space, and my feet flying across the ground remains. Soon my body finds a graceful unconscious rhythm and everything happens as if I were made to move like this. One foot in front of the other, breath, sweat, repeat. I become all motion and sinew flying across the hills. Images of the world fly past: purple flowers, green bushes, the smell of sage, trees, streams, mud, rocks, a hawk, a shadow, a cloud, a breeze. Why do I run? There is no answer. Only the sheer joy of living one step at a time and running faster than questions, faster than answers, faster than the need to ask. I love running and always will for no reason at all.

2012 season summary:
Long’s Peak FKT: 1:56:48
Grand Teton FKT: 2:53:02 (besting Kilian Jornet’s controversial switchback-cutting time of ~2:54:00 from a week prior)

Previous highlights:
2011: 2nd StumpJump 4:07
2010: 13th Way Too Cool 50k 4:12
2010: 6th Stumpjump 4:47
2010: 1st Pacifica 50k 4:24
2009: 1st – Rucky Chucky 50k 4:18
2009: 1st – Woodside 50k 4:01
2007: 1st – Muir Woods Marathon 2:48
2007: 1st – Timberline Marathon 3:00:06
2006: tied for 5th (with John) Zane Grey 50 miler
2005: tied for 3rd (with Jeff and John) Stumpjump 50k
2005: tied for 8th (with John) Zane Grey 50 miler

Proudest running accomplishments:
I am not sure about proudest running achievements, but I do have some running highlights from my life: chasing antelope with my best friend Jeff, convincing my brother to follow the aliens in his first 100, and running laps around the kitchen with my 20 month old son.

Planned 2013 races: