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Randy Whorton, Rock/Creek Race Team


Age: 52
Number of years running: 34
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Occupation: Professional GoPro Photographer  Wild Trails director

Favorite trail race(s):
Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race, although I have never ran it

Favorite trails to train on:
Skyuka, Bear Creek, High Point, Jewely

Favorite trail running shoe(s):
Hoka Mafate

Lifelong running goals:
Run trail ultras until the last day

My wife (Kris) and I grew up in and around Boulder, Colorado. I spent much of my childhood traipsing around the Rocky Mountains. I despised running as a kid, but competed in just about every other sport. Running started the summer of my 18th year when my dad and I challenged each other in a local 100 Mile Club. We had all summer to run 100 miles and it took me most of the summer before I experienced even a shred of pleasure, but oh what pleasure it has brought since then. I ran my first marathon that next year.

Although I have completed over 100 marathons and ultramarathons, my favorite running continues to be long runs in the wilderness with my wife, friends and our dogs. It is a rare occasion to find me running on the roads, but usually once per year Kris and I will pick a city that we really like or have never been to and go run their marathon. I suppose that the most rewarding trail races that I have done have been the seven 100 mile events that Kris and I have run together. Running for up to 30 hours straight leads to such an amazing roller coaster of emotional and physical highs and lows and suffering at that level leads to some wonderful self discovery.

I hold a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Business and have spent most of my career in high tech but am happy to say that I now make my living doing the one thing that I am most passionate about, working on and about nature trails in the capacity of director of Wild Trails and the Salomon Rock/Creek Trail Series. I also enjoy climbing, golf, slackline, triathlons (5 Ironmans), mountaineering, cave exploring, scuba diving and if there is a better juggler in the area, I would like to meet him.

2012 season summary:
Mountain Mist 50K (13th finish, 1st place in the really old guy division)
Mount Mitchell Challenge (2nd place GM)
Savage Gulf Trail Marathon (9th overall)
Chattanooga Fat Ass 50K

Proudest running accomplishments:
Swiss Jura trail stage race from Geneva to Basil, 219 miles in 7 days
1st 100 miler with Kris – Massanutten

Planned races for 2013:
Black Warrior 50K
Savage Gulf Trail Marathon
Leadville 100 (there are no less than 9 local runners registered, including 4 R/C team members)