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Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works

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Granddad was right – chopping wood builds character, and there’s no better way to do it than with a Wetterlings axe. The purity and calm that a simple tool evokes is hard to ignore. While your buddy might be able to cut faster with his chainsaw, he's missing out on listening to the pulse of his heartbeat, his steady breathing, the birds chirping, and the knowledge that all it takes to get a job done is a well-honed wedge and an American hickory handle.

Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works has been making some of the best axes since 1880. Manufactured out of Sweden and by a team of exactly nine people who forge the tools by hand, you won’t find this level of craftsmanship anywhere else in the world. The company is dedicated to creating axes the “right” way, with attention to detail and balance – and with a product that will last through all the rigors you can put it through.

What to Expect from a Wetterlings Axe

All Wetterlings axes are made from carbon alloy steel and hickory, and come with custom leather sheaths for easy transport and storage. Depending on what you need the axe for, you can choose from options like the long-handled and elegant Appalachian Axe, which is ideal for backcountry use, and the Expedition Hatchet, which boasts a unique shape for splitting and chopping wood.

Regardless of how you put your new axe to use, you’re sure to discover one thing for sure – once you hold a Wetterlings axe in your hand, you’re not likely to go back to mass-produced tools ever again.

Why not get one of the best axes on the market, and turn this personal activity into one you can pass down to later generations? Trust your Granddad and the sweat of your own brow – when you want to do the job well, all you need is the right attitude, upper body strength, and a Wetterlings axe.

Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works

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