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Hiking & Camping Water Treatment Filters, Purifiers & Tablets

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Drinking untreated water can be one of the fastest ways to end a backpacking trip early. To keep everyone in camp healthy and performing at the top of their game, check out Rock/Creek's selection of water treatment options. Depending on the size of the group, scale of the trip, amount of available room in your pack and other possible factors, there are several different types of methods and products to give you potable water. Pump filters, like the MSR MiniWorks, take water in through a tube and force water through tiny pores in a ceramic filter. This method removes sediment as well as bacteria and protozoa like crypto and giardia. Be careful though, this type of filtration does not get rid of bacteria and if there is a lot of sediment in the water, treatment may be slower. Another kind of popular treatment is with an Ultra Violet Light, such as the SteriPen. The SteriPen is a small, battery operated device which kills bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts with an ultraviolet light. This product is best for an ultralight trip for 1-2 people as it can only treat so much water at one time. Other traditional treatment method is adding chemicals to your water to kill dangerous waterborne pathogens. This method is popular because it takes up very little space in your pack, can treat a great deal of water at once and will work in virtually any kind of water. The drawbacks, however, include a significant waiting period before the water is drinkable, possible "disagreeable" taste added to the water. If you choose a product like Potable Aqua, closely read the description of bacteria which will be killed by treatment. If you have any questions about which water treatment is right for you, call our gear experts at 888-707-6708.

Hiking & Camping Water Treatment Filters, Purifiers & Tablets

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