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Hoka One One Running Shoes

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If you’re an ultra distance runner, you’ve heard of Hoka running shoes. Well, we hope you have… if not, let me tell you about Hoka One One! Hokas are "maximalist" running shoes, which certainly might sound confusing on the heels of the minimalist/barefoot running movement. The idea here is that the shoe absorbs as much impact as possible, preventing shock from being transmitted to your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

In fact, maximalist and minimalist running isn’t as different as you’d think. Just like more obviously minimal shoes, Hokas feature a more natural heel-toe drop than traditional running shoes, promoting a midfoot strike in your running gait. They may look like crazy marshmallow moon boots, right from the original Hoka Mafate to the current-season Stinson and Conquest and Bondi, but that maximum cushioning is easier on your body on a long distance run than anything else we know of.

Rock/Creek carries a full range of running gear to keep you safe and comfortable on the trails in your new Hokas -- and if you’re ready for some serious trail running, be sure to check out the Rock/Creek Trail Series for some of the best trail races in this part of the world.

Let’s face it: whether you’re running extreme distances or recovering from an injury, trail running and road running are hard on your body. Hoka One One’s high-volume approach means more cushion, more protection and more miles. The EVA foam is softer and less dense than competing products, which makes it light and resilient; you’ll experience an invigorating, stable ride and won’t want to stop running. Sometimes, frankly, more is more.

Not convinced? Check out this interview with Rock/Creek Race Team ultrarunner John Brower, who was an early convert and shares his thoughts on running in Hokas.

Hoka One One Running Shoes

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