Making The North Face FuseForm: a Q&A

Making The North Face FuseForm: a Q&A

Today, we’re excited to be one of a very select group of retailers chosen to launch The North Face’s new “FuseForm” fabric technology. If you’ve ended up on this page because you’re already trying to buy one of the men’s…

Frequently Asked Questions about Chaco Sandals

Rock/Creekers wear Chacos, as do many of our customers …which means we field quite a few questions about them! To answer some of the most common ones, we’ve put together this FAQ to help you choose the right pair for…

Kavu Rope Bags are back in stock for spring

Over the past month or two, the #1 question on our site’s Q&A feature (by a wide margin) has been the following: “When will the Kavu Rope Bag be back in stock?” As of today, the following eight Spring 2015…

Temperature ratings for jackets? No. Just... no.

Temperature ratings for jackets? No. Just… no.

Lately, we’ve been fielding the same question from many of our customers: “What temperature are these jackets rated for?” We’ve been asked so many times, in fact, that we thought it made sense to write an in-depth article explaining our…

The North Face FuseForm Jackets: Now Available at R/C!

UPDATE, 2/27/15: The North Face FuseForm Jackets have arrived at Rock/Creek. Read our interview with the product team who designed the technology here, or shop for Fuseform here.   The North Face is proving its commitment to the latest in…

Layering clothing for outdoor sports

How to layer outdoor clothing

What is Layering? If you’ve spent any time in the outdoors, you’ve heard the term “layering.” If you’re new to outdoor activities, though, or maybe if you own a fleece or rain jacket but not much else in the way…

Salewa Ramble Wins National Geographic 2014 Gear of the Year Award

Salewa Ramble Wins National Geographic 2014 Gear of the Year Award

You are going to begin to hear a lot about GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ in the outdoor industry heading into 2015, as the legendary waterproof-breathable textile company rolls out its latest waterproof breathable technology for footwear companies. GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ hit the market early…

Backpacking Gear List from Rock/Creek's Experts

Backpacking Gear List from Rock/Creek’s Experts

Are you looking for a backpacking gear checklist? We get this question quite a bit, so we’ve created this essential gear list. Please let us know what you think in the comments below, and share if we’ve done a good…

Grand Canyon Rafting Gear List

Grand Canyon Rafting Gear List

Our resident paddling expert, Daxton Bacalman, explains his fascination with Grand Canyon and tells us what he’s packing for his third trip on the Colorado River through the canyon.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Light up the night this Halloween.