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Adventure Technology Paddles

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  • 6 Items

The innovative technology behind AT Paddles. Full Control Grip The foundation of AT Paddles is our patented Full Control Grip ¿FCG¿. The FCG is designed to improve control and alleviate stress on joints. It does this by putting your wrist and forearm at a neutral angle, especially when the stroke is initiated. This transfers all the energy into the bone structure rather than the tendons and ligaments of the wrist. The result is better control, more power and less fatigue from reduced grip pressure. The complex shape of the FCG matches the paddler¿s hand exactly, which greatly improves indexing compared with conventional straight shafts and allows for easy hand positioning. The bends of the FCG are integrated with the paddle blade so that the center of power of the blade is in direct line with the center of effort in the grip. This gives the paddle a natural feel as opposed to the crank style paddles where your hand is actually behind the plane of the paddle blade. AT Ergonomic Bend The AT bent shaft has a very special bend. AT has a patented dual axis bend for optimal ergonomics when paddling. If looking at your hand in a relaxed position your hand bends in and also down from your pointer to your pinky finger. Our paddles follow this bend in your hand to help align you wrists, elbows and shoulders, and when everything is aligned this reduces wear and tear on your body allowing you to be able to paddle for years without any problems. 1-Piece Construction All of AT's high end paddle have a full one-piece construction, this means the shaft is directly molded into the blade. Having the shaft molded into the blade gives you a nice even smooth stroke while paddling. Having the one-piece construction also gives you an even swing weight. This means you won't have any extra epoxy built up on one end from gluing the shaft into the blade, which can throw off the balance of the paddle. Ergo T4 and SS series Our Ergo T4 and SS series are made with a continuous fiber construction, this gives amazing strength to the blade and shaft. In the Ergo T4 E series the shafts are made of fiberglass and the blades are a mix of poly and fiberglass, In the Ergo T4 C series the shafts are made of carbon and the blades are a mix of poly and carbon. With our price point paddles being all composite you can't go wrong. Whitewater Innovation AT's high end WW paddles have our dynel edging. This prevents the blades from ever wearing down, no more miniature blade by the end of the paddling season. Featherlok Adjustment System The FeatherLok joint is standard on all AT Touring paddles. It allows for adjustment of offset from 0 through 90 degrees and allows length adjustment from 0 to 5 cm. Easy to use on the fly, the FeatherLok is the ultimate in custom performance.

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